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Please be aware that due to some restrictions of Vietnamese immigration law, the processing time and service fees mentioned above will not be applicable for the following countries  passport holders (applicants from these countries are kindly invited to contact the Embassy for further information): We are able to support for these eligibles countries to get visa on arrival online with us BUT the fee will take differences. Please considering about before submitting the application form online:


Burkina Faso
Cape Verde
Central African Republic
Equatorial Guinea
South Sudan
Sri Lanka
United Arab Emirates
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What is requirements to get Vietnam visa stamp. Can I get visa on arrival in thailand to go to Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) through official website online at ,  so does it take 1 or 2 of days? . What do I need to show for visa in Vietnam immigration at the airport of Vietnam.

Best Answer 

Absolutely processing time take 1-2 days in normal or rush visa service in 15 minutes or max 30 min.

You need to show your passport with at least 6 months remaining, your visa approved letter with 2 photos size 4x6cm or similar with passport photo taken within the last 6 months, Cash and application form ( entry & exit form NA1). Application form can be found online ours official website.
 getting visa stamp and sticker at the landing visa counter at Vietnam airport. It may take from 30 minute to over an hour depending on how busy they are.

So we are recommeded you to use our speedup airport  service ( called, Airport Fast Track service.)

Top Rush/Urgent Visa Vietnam for Indian nationals.

An Indians citizens who need an emergency or rush  visa to Vietnam can avail it by getting visa on arrival for which you have to apply online and get an approval letter that you need to show up when boarding time and once again landing at Vietnam airports. In many cases, applicants opt for rush visas through us 100% successful and we only charged for successful application, for case of declined 100% refund. 

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• How long does it take to get top urgent/rush visa to Vietnam: It will take 10-15 minute to get visa approved letter with us. When you apply for a Vietnam visa online that you need your visa requested as fast as possible. Rush visa is needed by those who at the end alter their plans of travel at the end moment with no approval letter and other reasons which are not in your hand.

• How to get visa approved letter after submitted and paid: Vietnam visa on arrival 100% online, after visa approved by Vietnam Immigration department, it will sending directly to your email immediately in time.

Solution is provided depending on the time as well as situation. If you have some amount of time left you need to fill in the form in completion and then make the payment through the process. It happens when you reach the airport and that too on weekend, emergency visa help is called for. The top rush/urgent visa fees varies by time to time.

Why do you need rush or Emergency visa Vietnam?

It is for all those who are getting on board in few hours or less than an hour and it is for most urgent cases that you are offered to get a rush visa to Vietnam service where your approval letter needs to be processed immediately in time. The time taken for rush, urgently visa is a couple of hours or that range from 10-30 minutes to an hour.

Fees for rush/emergency visa

The fees for Indians who are opting for rush visa to Vietnam vary from day to hours.

Upon Arrival at Vietnam airport

When your application is done in completion that calls for 100% online visa on approval, with payment that was done online and for approval letter you need to keep on checking. When you arrive at Vietnam make sure that your approval letter is stamped so as to ensure visa on arrival. You need to submit your passport along with photos and the fee for stamping.

Get help

When there is not much time with you to prepare for photographs or get the approval letter in a printed form, speedup service of the Airport should be of your help. From the landing area, the staffs come and pick you up and then you need to go in for clicking your photo. The counter of Immigration will be of help to you. There is some kind of service price that you have to pay and a wait of 15 minutes is required without any hassles or trouble.

Recommended to use our Vietnam Airport Fast Track service.

Apply for Vietnam Visas now. Only charge for successful application. Risky Free 100% APPLY NOW

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How much is a Vietnam visa cost:
Firstly using visa upon arrival Vietnam, an applicant has to pay for two kinds of fees: Visa approved letter service fee (online) and the stamping fee at the custom airport of Vietnam. Totally visa on arrival Vietnam cost (update on 26/Jun/2017)
I) The total Vietnam visa cost for Visa on Arrival Vietnam (service fee + stamping fee) would be:
  • 1 month single entry: 10 + 25 USD= 35 USD. (Single entry and stay up to 30 days)
  • 1 month multiple entries: 10 + 50 USD = 60 USD. (Multiple entries & exit, stay up to 30 days)
  • 3 month single entry: 25 + 25 USD= 50 USD. (Single entry and stay up to 87 or less 90 days)
  • 3 month multiple entries: 30 + 50 USD= 80 USD. (Multiple entries & exit, stay up to 87or less 90 days)
  • 6 month multiple entries: $$$ + 95 USD=  USD. (Multiple entries & exit, stay up to 180 days)
  • 12 month multiple entries: $$$ + 135 USD=  USD. (Multiple entries & exit, stay up to 365 days)
Noted: An USA citizens will getting cheaper prices for 6 & 12 months (click here to check Vietnam visa cost for US passport).
II) The total e-visa Vietnam cost (service fee + stamping fee inclusive)
USD $50 for tourist purpose 
USD $65 for business purpose
Entry Type
Single entry for tourist or business purposes
Length of Stay
30 days
Granted by
The Immigration Department of Vietnam (government)
Processing time
Normal: 2 business days 
Urgent: rush in 8 hours
Eligibility Countries
Citizens of following countries can apply for e-visa: Click to check

You're planning a trip to Vietnam and arrive in Vietnam on an international flight landing at these airports of Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang or Nha Trang, Haiphong, Phu Quoc Island a legitimate alternative to obtaining a Visa On Arrival before trip at is to opt for a very simple and much cheaper, easy and convenient way.