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Work permits in Vietnam

Date posted: 21/08/2018
Work permits in Vietnam
Basing on the regulations of Vietnam immigration department, a work permit is required for foreign employees working in Vietnam for more than three months. At the present, work permits for foreigners are valid for a maximum of three years.
The foreign employees have to comply with the following conditions in order to be eligible for a work permit:
You are 18 years old or more
You have good health suitable for your job
Your education certifications need to be presented
You are not a criminal or liable to criminal prosecution according to Vietnam’s law and the foreign country’s
A work permit may be terminated in the following particular circumstances:
Expiry of work permit
Termination of labor contract
The labor contract excluding the work permit requirement
Withdrawal of work permit by authorized state agencies
Termination of the company, organization, and partners in Vietnam
The foreigner is sentenced to prison, dies or is proclaimed missing by court.
The foreign employees aren’t required the work permit in these following situations:
You’ll work in Vietnam for less than 3 months.
You are the member of a limited liability company with two or more members.
You are the owner of a limited liability company with only one member.
You are the member of the board of a joint stock company.
You enter to Vietnam for marketing products and services. 
You enter to Vietnam for less than three months in order to resolve an emergency or technology affected production of Vietnamese experts or foreign experts currently in Vietnam.
You are heads of representative offices, chiefs of project offices or someone working for foreign non-government organization in Vietnam.
In short, the work permit is necessary to foreigners who have planned to work in Vietnam.
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For further information about work permit, please contact us via email: or hotline: +84. 98888 5560.
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